GLG Toolkit v. 4.2

Interface GlgTraceListener

All Known Implementing Classes:
GlgBean, GlgCustomBean, GlgCustomJBean, GlgCustomJLWBean, GlgJBean, GlgJLWBean

public interface GlgTraceListener

Generic event handling interface. Implemented by custom event handlers.

Method Summary
 void TraceCallback(GlgObject glg_object, GlgTraceData trace_info)
          Generic event-tracing interface.

Method Detail


void TraceCallback(GlgObject glg_object,
                   GlgTraceData trace_info)
Generic event-tracing interface. This method is invoked on any event in the GLG viewports, allowing to implement custom event handling logic and handle low-level native events.

glg_object - Top-level viewport object.
trace_info - GlgTraceData object containing detailed event information.

GLG Toolkit v. 4.2