GLG Toolkit, JavaScript Library  Version 4.2
GlgAlarmHandler Class Reference

Detailed Description

Alarm handler object used as a parameter of the GlgObject::SetAlarmHandler method.

Public Member Functions

void Alarm (GlgObject data_obj, GlgObject alarm_obj, String alarm_label, String action, String subaction, Object reserved)

Static Public Member Functions

static GlgAlarmHandler CreateGlgAlarmHandler (function alarm_handler_func)

Member Function Documentation

◆ Alarm()

void Alarm ( GlgObject  data_obj,
GlgObject  alarm_obj,
String  alarm_label,
String  action,
String  subaction,
Object  reserved 

Global alarm handling method. This application-supplied method is invoked when an alarm occurs.

data_objThe data object the alarm is attached to
alarm_objThe alarm object
alarm_labelAlarm Label
actionAlarm Action
subactionAlarm Subaction
reservedReserved parameter

◆ CreateGlgAlarmHandler()

static GlgAlarmHandler CreateGlgAlarmHandler ( function  alarm_handler_func)

Constructor. Creates an alarm handler that can be used as a parameter of the GlgObject::SetAlarmHandler method. The static method is invoked on the GLG Toolkit handle obtaned via a "new GlgToolkit()" call at the application start-up.

alarm_handler_funcA custom alarm handler function to be invoked when an alarm occurs. The function's type signature must match the the type signature of the Alarm method.
An opaque internal object representing GlgAlarmHandler.