GLG Toolkit, JavaScript Library  Version 4.2
GlgGISRequestData Class Reference

Detailed Description

The GlgGISRequestData class is used to pass information to the GlgGISRequestObserver::AdjustRequest method. The object's variables may be changed in place to adjust the request's parameters.

Public Attributes

double angle
GlgPoint center
GlgPoint extent
GlgGISRequestFlags flags
String layers
GlgProjectionType projection

Member Data Documentation

◆ angle

double angle

Requested GIS angle.

◆ center

GlgPoint center

Requested GIS center.

◆ extent

GlgPoint extent

Requested GIS extent.

◆ flags

Indicates which GIS object's parameters were requested to be changed, may have any OR combination of the following flags (defined in the GlgGISRequestStatus enum for C# and JavaScript, and in the GlgObject class for Java: GIS_REQUEST_EXTENT, GIS_REQUEST_CENTER, GIS_REQUEST_ANGLE, GIS_REQUEST_PROJECTION or GIS_REQUEST_LAYERS.

◆ layers

String layers

Requested GIS layers.

◆ projection

GlgProjectionType projection

Requested GIS projection.