GLG Toolkit, JavaScript Library  Version 4.2
GlgIHHandlerInterface Class Reference

Detailed Description

GlgIHHandlerInterface object is used by the Toolkit to implement functionality of the installable interaction handlers. These interaction handlers are used in editor applications, such as the GLG Diagram and GLG Process Diagram demos) that need to handle elaborate user interaction.

The object's EntryPoint method defines the type signature of functions that implement custom interaction handlers.

Public Member Functions

void EntryPoint (GlgObject ih, GlgCallEvent call_event)

Member Function Documentation

◆ EntryPoint()

void EntryPoint ( GlgObject  ih,
GlgCallEvent  call_event 

The entry point is invoked with the user interface events; its source code implements logic of the installable event handler.

Refer to the description of the Interface Handler methods, such as IHInstall, IHStart, etc., for more information.