GLG Toolkit, JavaScript Library  Version 4.2
GlgMatrixData Class Reference

Detailed Description

This object holds matrix data returned GlgObject::GetMatrixData method, as wll as matrix data passed to the GlgObject::SetMatrixData method.

Public Member Functions

GlgMatrixData CreateGlgMatrixData (GlgXformType type, Float64Array array)

Public Attributes

Float64Array matrix
GlgXformType type

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateGlgMatrixData()

GlgMatrixData CreateGlgMatrixData ( GlgXformType  type,
Float64Array  array 

Constructor. Creates a matrix data object that can be used as a parameter of the GlgObject::SetMatrixData method. The static method is invoked on the GLG Toolkit handle obtaned via a "new GlgToolkit()" call at the application start-up.

typeA type of the matrix (one of constants defined in the GlgXformType enum).
arrayAn array of 16 (4x4) matrix coefficients.
GlgMatrixData object.

Member Data Documentation

◆ matrix

Float64Array matrix

4x4 array of matrix coefficients.

◆ type

Matrix type.