GLG Toolkit, JavaScript Library  Version 4.2
GlgTemplateLoadListener Class Reference

Detailed Description

GlgTemplateLoadListener is an object used by the GlgObject::AddGlobalListener method to attach listeners for handling TemplateLoad events generated by subwindows and subdrawings when their templates are loaded.

Public Member Functions

void TemplateLoadCallback (GlgObject template, String load_path)

Member Function Documentation

◆ TemplateLoadCallback()

void TemplateLoadCallback ( GlgObject  template,
String  load_path 

Method for handling hierarchy events from subwindows and subdrawings.

This method is invoked once per each loaded template, regardless of the number of subdrawing or subwindow instances that use the template. The method is invoked after all finishing setup of all instances that use the template (after invoking the Hierarchy callbacks).

templateThe loaded template object, may be null if load was aborted or failed.
load_pathThe url used to load the template.