GLG Toolkit, JavaScript Library  Version 4.2
GlgTooltipFormatter Class Reference

Detailed Description

Tooltip formatter object used as a parameter of the GlgObject::SetTooltipFormatter method.

A tooltip formatter may be used to supply custom tooltip strings.

Public Member Functions

String GetString (GlgObject viewport, GlgObject glg_object, GlgObject tooltip_obj, int root_x, int root_y)

Static Public Member Functions

static GlgTooltipFormatter CreateGlgTooltipFormatter (function tooltip_formatter_func)

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateGlgTooltipFormatter()

static GlgTooltipFormatter CreateGlgTooltipFormatter ( function  tooltip_formatter_func)

Constructor. Creates a custom tooltip formatter that can be used as a parameter of the GlgObject::SetTooltipFormatter method. The static method is invoked on the GLG Toolkit handle obtaned via a "new GlgToolkit()" call at the application start-up.

tooltip_formatter_funcA custom tooltip formatter function to be invoked to provide a custom tooltip for an object when its tooltip is activated, The function's type signature must match the the type signature of the GetString method.
An opaque internal object representing GlgTooltipFormatter.

◆ GetString()

String GetString ( GlgObject  viewport,
GlgObject  glg_object,
GlgObject  tooltip_obj,
int  root_x,
int  root_y 

Tooltip formatting method.

This method is invoked to get the text to be displayed in a tooltip. It can query object's properties and display them in the tooltip. The returned string will be used as the tooltip text. If the method returns null, the default tooltip will be used. If the method returns an empty string, the tooltip will not be displayed. If the GlgTooltipFormatterOnErase global configuration resource is set to 1, the method will also be invoked with null parameters when the tooltip is erased.

viewportThe viewport object for which tooltips are enabled via the ProcessMouse property.
glg_objectThe object that owns the TooltipString resource.
tooltip_objThe TooltipString object (S data object).
root_xThe x coordinate of the cursor relatively to the screen.
root_yThe y coordinate of the cursor relatively to the screen.
The string to be displayed in the tooltip.